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Vintage Boombox Repair

Vintage Boombox Repair

Needs Troubleshooting or Repair Vintage Boombox in Tampa FL?

  Most Common Problem Vintage Boombox

• Receiver won’t power on?
• Stereo Receiver go into protection mode?
Vintage Boombox Repair
• Receiver crackling sound?
• Receiver capacitor need upgrade?
• Receiver display not working?
• Stereo Receiver outputs are noisy?
• Amplifier channels cut out?
• FM/AM Tuner signal weak?
• Receiver Protect light comes on?
• Receiver popping and static?
• Powers on, but no output?
• Stereo Receiver Turns on, powers right off immediately?
• Humming noise from amplifier?
• No power, red light blinks?
• Receiver started smoking?
• AVR Surround Sound not working?
• The phone input is dead?
• Receiver Blows fuses?

We found that many of our customers have never even heard their amp operate at maximum performance until after having it properly repaired.

Let us go through your Vintage Boombox Repair and let you know what is not up to spec. or in danger of causing problems in the Vintage Boombox Repair.

We specialize in the repair maintenance, restoration and tone resurrection of vintage and modern tube-type & analog, Vintage Boombox Repair