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INSTRUCTIONS: Complete and submit your information to generate Ship-in Package Slip to include in the box you ship your equipment in.

Please fill out and include this form inside of the box. Make sure to include a copy of proof of purchase if your units covered under manufacturer warranty. If the unit is not under warranty we require a $100 diagnostic fee depending on the type of product. This fee will apply towards any repairs however nonrefundable. We accept Visa, Master and Discover, American Express, checks and money orders. If using a credit card upon receipt to the product we will call you to get the proper information for payment. Checks and money orders must be made out to Adams TV Inc. Shipping Instructions: Receivers/Amps/Tuners/Blue-ray/CD/DVD/VCR/Portable stereo, etc. Stereo is fragile and often HEAVY! We are not responsible for protecting your product and shipping damage and shipping claim so be sure and take the extra step and use bubble wrap and a box that is large enough to leave 2-3” of packing on all sides. Double Boxing and fitting foam is HIGHLY recommended and as well as the insurance for the item! The original box is ideal but still could use extra insulation. The unit may be returned in different packing than what was sent with if not proper packaging.


Car AudioCoffee Machine, Game consoles, Bluetooth Speakers, Toys, Powered PA Speakers, Car Amplifiers & Subwoofer, Televisions, Soundbars, Appliances, Medical or Industrial Equipment, Tools, Hovercraft, Massage Chairs, Inkjet Printers, Ear-Buds, Headphones, Cell Phones, Computers or tablets! Please note that we do not do any woodwork, refinishing or cloth replacement.

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Shipping Policy

Shipping costs FAQ

Why are shipping costs so high?

We are not responsible for protecting your product and shipping damage and shipping claims.

1.Shipping Labor $29.00
2.Shipping Box $19-150 Each “Amazon”

3.Shipping Instapak Quick RT Packing $19 Each (2-6) per box “Amazon”

4.Shipping supply (shipping tape, labels) $2

5.Credit card processing fee $4%

6. FEDEX Shipping Charge $20 to No limit

7. Package Insurance $1 each $100 Fedex Charge

8. Import Tariff may apply to this part if shipping to the United States

The delivery time depends on the destination, holidays, customs clearance factor and other factors.