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Tampa’s Foremost Espresso and Coffee Machine Repair Company

If you can carry it, we can fix it.

Did your beloved espresso machine at home stop working? Wait! Don’t throw it out!

If you love your espresso machine, we can fix it!

Keep that machine out of the landfill and get years of great use out of it.

Types of machines we repair:

  • Manual portable
  • Capsule
  • Semi-automatics
  • Stove top
  • Manual levers
  • Automatics
  • Super-automatics

We provide complete and guaranteed estimates before the work begins. At Adams Electronics Repair, we don’t believe in surprises.

From a simple tune-up or cleaning to rebuild and start again, we can help you make sure that your favorite machine is back in your kitchen in no time!

Semi automatics coffee machine repair Tampa
Super automatics coffee machine repair Tampa

(Note: Due to liability reasons, we can’t offer assessments or advice over the phone or email. We would feel terrible if someone got hurt! But bring in your machine to our Tampa shop and we’ll get you fixed up.)

At Adams Electronics Repair, we only repair residential machines.

At Adams Electronics Repair, we’re Tampa’s leading repair shop with decades of experience. We know how to fix that machine without taking a long time or costing a lot of money.

Is it expensive to get my espresso machine repaired?

Usually, it’s a fraction of the purchase price. Good quality machines are designed to last for decades with proper care and occasional maintenance.

Can you help me over the phone or my email?

Sorry. Espresso machines have a lot of pressure in them. Without looking at the machine, we’re only making an educated guess. We don’t want to get anyone hurt by making a wrong estimate of the problem.

Do I need to bring it to you?

Yes, please. We have everything at our offices at 13950 W. Hillsborough Ave, Tampa. Call us ahead of time at 813-510-4700 and make an appointment so we’re sure to be there.

If you can carry it, we can fix it.

We’ll test everything:
Brew temp

We’ll fix error codes:
Error 8 code on Jura Impressa and Capresso
Failed function code
System failure code
Mechanical errors:
Grinder failure
Grinder not grinding
Grinder is loud
Boiler is not heating water properly
Water leaking from unit

Monday – Friday
13950 W. Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33635

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